Why Halo Advertising Inc and Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation?

Hello, my name is Scott Miller,

I am a born again Christian living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have a passion to see people blessed and prospered in the areas they have always struggled.
At the very beginning I started working at Halo Advertising Inc., fundraising on behalf of the Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation. The Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation is a non profit organization that helps children of disadvantaged families engage in music, dance and other extra-curricular activities including sports. This first year has been amazing, despite all the challenges..


Being a new company, it took a while to raise the funds to actually help anyone. Several people said “This is a scam. They're not going to help anybody.” One ex-team member actually went to the extreme of online bashing, creating many fake accounts to slander and defame and even interviewing news stations to “expose” Step Up 4 Kidz. They simply didn't have the patience to stick it out and see the good fruit this organization could produce.

I have always been an entrepreneur, love building businesses and helping people. I love to bring a positive and careful attitude to the team. The culture we have is one of fun, achievement and helping others.
I am excited for the next step, to really help impact more and more Canadian families.

I've seen the joyful tears of gratitude of families who received cheques from the Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation. I know their vision lines up perfectly with my own passion to help people. I'm thankful and honored to be affiliated with this program.